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9 am-5 pm
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7 Days a Week!

Monica started out as a young girl baking cakes and drinking coffee in the early hours of the morning with her grandpa Bup. It was around the age of 8 that she knew she would be destined to be a baker. As years past there became a love for doing more than just baking, Monica has always had what one might call a love for fine foods, however it was middle school that she decided to start cooking more. In her early adult life Monica truly found her passion for cooking gourmet meals, and providing treats that would bring nothing but a smile to one's heart. With her great appreciation for fine foods and he passion for cooking it was in 2014 that Monica decided to start Tasty Tre'sures.

How to make your heart smile.

About Us

“Since I started providing tasty treats in 2014, it has been nothing short of Amazing, I know that all the hard work that I have and will continue to put in will be so rewarding in the end. With my ultimate goal being to have my own shop with a kitchen to host how to classes for both children and adults. Stay tuned to see everything great that is still to come.”


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